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Fatality is a non-canon crossover title in relation to the Fantendo Smash Bros.

series, created by Time Strike as an experiment towards making real Fantendoverse related projects.

Coined by Time Strike to be the "unique one" of the crowd of Fantendo Smash Bros.

games, Fatality is much different than the others thanks to its new toxic-related elements and the usage of characters that have no true link to the Fantendoverse (although they were placed in as guest characters).

Athena Hawkins, Time Strike's leader, has kept Fatality a secret project until it was mostly completed, and it was made secret as she wanted to surprise people after the original mess and concept of her personal Fantendo Smash Bros.

title she created wasn't met well at all in reception: Fantendo Smash Bros. Like various other Fantendoverse games, it is released on The V², and released sometime after Fantendo Smash Bros. On release, it was met with critical and financial success, praised heavily for its gameplay improvements and advancements and for its odd and unique roster.

Its use of poison has been lauded and is usually among the most praised aspects of the game.

The game received low criticism, but most of that was directed at the slow pace of Toxic Labyrinth and the Melee-like pace of battle, which made it hard to "play safe" at points.The main theme of Fatality is a 2018 remastering of "Poison" by Alice Cooper, sang by same artist. Frozen in 2013, which was led and created by Fandraxonian Enterprises, the predecessor of Time Strike.Meant for the Wii U and inspired heavily off of the Super Smash Bros.franchise as well as the obscene number of Fantendo Smash Bros.ones, the game failed to meet even mixed reception and was widely panned for its poor execution and its overabundance of "unnecessary" winter elements. Frozen put the company at big risk, as it was meant to be one of their larger projects and it was supposed to help them earn much-needed money.They scrapped it and expected to not function anymore, but the successful profit made off of Sweet Invader helped the company and temporarily put them back in proper shape alongside success of Crimson the Roserade and Sonic Advance U.