Online dating questions to ask a woman

” is important, are training themselves to only make a move on a non-Asian women that distinctly signal more forward dating behavior first, before the man does.

In other words, he wants a zero-risk, in the bag, sure-thing, 100% guarantee or your money back proposition.

And in today’s modern world with modern women, the last thing dating is, is risk-free.

Instead of the proper way around which is the man’s role to be dominant, forward, and a leader.

I hope, however, I am not doing a disservice to Asian men by training to look, and ONLY look, for these specific female signals of attraction first before making a move… I am a short 5 foot 5 inches and I know I am not a good looking or handsome guy.

Instead of making a move first and then making her attracted to you which she then sends you signals. Every woman I’ve dated is physically (if not socially) out of my league.

I never get those kind of indicators of interest or signals of attraction.

” As your Asian Dating Coach, however, I’m finally answering the question simply because its been asked so many times ad naseum.

I’m finally going to put it to bed for the first and last time despite my misgivings.

I was recently reminded of this controversial topic (and I’ll cover the reason why it’s so controversial extensively at the bottom) on one of my many flights training men in the art of attraction when I sat next to a very pretty, blonde and bubbly California surfer kind of girl.

In our conversation, she made many of the verbal indicators of interest that I’ve heard in the past and that I’ve come to recognize as flirtatious signals from a woman when she’s attracted to Asian men (and therefore to the likes of you and I).

This is admittedly a rarer form of reverse Yellow Fever fraught with it’s own dangers and one in which I’ll go more into detail in my next article about single, white females who intentionally exploit Asian men.

So here is a list of some of the things these girls will consciously do in order to let me know they want a samurai in shining armor (and while I use the term white female, the truth is other women from African American to Latin American, will also use the same flirting signals): While having, saying, or doing just one of the aforementioned things doesn’t automatically make a girl attracted to Asian men.

But combine a few of those traits or even all of them together and, gentlemen, you just might find yourself talking to one woman who is madly in love with the Asian persuasion. Unfortunately, the act of asking the question means your LESS LIKELY TO SUCCEED with non-Asian women. You see, I’ve always known the technical answer but I’ve always been hesitant to answer because, on a holistic level, it’s NOT empowering to Asian men as a whole to actually know the answer to that question.